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Violent Lips?

ladybug tooth tattoo

So, I was scrolling through the web when I saw a creepy article on Temporary Teeth Tattoos… Who the freak does that!? Apparently Japanese chicks do, and now it’s becoming a fad over here in the States. I don’t think it’ll last long though. It’s annoying getting food stuck in one’s teeth anyway, why would one willingly put it there now? Weirdos. But hey! That’s fashion :D

And apparently before Teeth Tattoos, there were Lip Tattoos. Yes, tattoos on your lips. First, I googled those very words, “lip tattoos”, to see what popped up and the images I first saw were gruesome O_O Here are a couple:

mustache inner lip tattooSore Lips inner lip tattoo

Sore lips indeed o,O But apparently, those are just “inner” lip tattoos. There are also less gruesome lip tattoos that actually go on your lips so everyone can SEE it, which I thought was the original purpose of a tattoo…but I guess the other folks thought it would be cool to flash their fleshy gums at people for the sake of…well, I wouldn’t even call it fashion, I call it weirdness. For the sake of weirdness. Violent Lips on the other hand is more fashion-oriented. The designs are cute and presentable. Though you might not want to go around in cheetah print lips (though I would just for a good laugh xD) they can be great for clubbing and costume parties and freaky photo shoots and whatnot. So get your lip-tat on!!! ;DDD

pink cheetah lip tattoorainbow lip tattoo

denim lip tattoo? o.O

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